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Don’t Call Me Ma’am

A Transgender Story of Living in a World Without Labels

In this highly personal book, Shelley shares an inspiring story of the journey from coming up with a simple idea to coming out as a transgender person. “The hope of the story is to share a vision of a world with no labels,” Shelley says, “where human beings live with understanding, cooperation, and acceptance — and where who we are on the inside is not limited by artificial labels.”

Part autobiography, part memoir, part educational tips, Don’t Call Me Ma’am will speak to anyone who has ever felt limited, misunderstood or isolated by labels and to those who care about them.

Give to Grow

9 Principles for Conscious Business, Social Media and Life

Give to Grow covers 9 business principles that I have successfully used in my own business; in social media workshops and speaking engagements; and in my life. These 9 principles were discussed by a panel of business owners using Google Hangouts as our platform for broadcasting. Their input is included on each principle. Giving to Grow is the single most important operating principle for both my life and my business. The additional 8 principles are discussed in detail, with practical application for social media marketing and business development.

Get Real, People!

How to Use Social Media for Real-ationship Marketing©

Social Media is creating a change in how marketing is done. It’s creating REAL-ationship Marketing. But in the digital world of social media where it’s harder to read physical body language, how do you ensure and communicate that you are being real online? And how do you know if others are being real? Sometimes there are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. I met one of them online, and that’s what put me on the path of writing this book, “GET REAL, PEOPLE! How to Use Social Media for Real-ationship Marketing”.

Shedding Your Sales Shark

Lessons from a Recovering Sales Shark & How to Apply Them to Social Media Marketing and Life

Social media has completely shifted the sales and marketing landscape and how business gets done. Corporate environments often thrive on an intense “eat-what-you-kill” approach. The inclusive community-driven nature of social media is sending traditional sales sharks, and their shark tanks, the way of the dinosaur. This book is designed for those looking for effective ways to engage with their clients and community via social media networks.