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Gender 101

Shedding Light on Gender Diversity

During this webinar, the concepts of sex, gender identify, gender expression and sexual orientation are untangled and presented in a simple format. Based on Shelley’s own experience and business expertise, Gender 101 offers concrete and clear practices for a gender diverse population.

This workshop is for anyone seeking a broader understanding of gender and gender variations. The session is easily understood and informative to those interested in understanding a diverse population as well as long time advocates seeking to become better allies of a gender expansive population.

  • Expand understanding of the meaning of gender
  • Heighten awareness and sensitivity on importance of addressing customers in a gender-conscious manner
  • Understand the costs and consequences of assuming the gender of patrons (also known as “misgenderirng”).
  • Gain understanding of the difference in gender, biological sex, gender expression and sexual orientation
  • Review suggestions for creating a gender affirmative work environment

Don’t Call Me Ma’am

Living in a World Without Labels

Based on Shelley’s best-selling book of the same name, gain a better understanding of gender identity and how Shelley learned to embrace living as a transgender person.

By the end of this session attendees will:


  • Expand their understanding of what defines a transgender person
  • Develop a compassionate attitude for all people different from themselves
  • Be aware of what questions to ask/not ask a transgender person
  • Learn about the use of gender neutral pronouns

Why Language Matters: Fostering an Inclusive Environment

Learn why language matters both inside and outside the workplace.  With a gender diverse population, it’s more important than ever to have all people feel welcome and included.


  • Learn why pronouns matter to a diverse clientele
  • Gain Understanding of how to embrace differences in the workplace
  • Increase your bottom line by practicing and showing respect for all clients
  • Review intake forms and how to make them more inclusive

Speaker: Shelley Roth, a published author, and well known social media trainer, consultant and speaker with first-hand, real-world experience combined with decades of practical business expertise, brings their story and 4th book “Don’t Call me Ma’am, A Story of Living in a World without Labels”, to your organization.

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Contact: Shelley Roth 713 937.1006 to learn more or schedule Shelley for speaking or training engagements.

Shelley Roth is authorized by  The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDIB), The Centre for Global Inclusion, a US 501c3 nonprofit organization.